Clash of Clans - Building - Army

In Clash of Clans we have to create Army in order to win Match versus other Players! To build an Army, we need Troop Capacity offer by the Army Camp! When we have Troop Capacity, we can Train Troops by using Barrack with our Elixir! Eventually, we will be able to Train Dark Troops by using the Dark Barrack with our Dark Elixir! To raise the Power of our Troops, we use the Laboratory! There's Spell, in the form of a Potion, that we can Brew to include in our Match by using the Spell Factory with our Elixir! Spell can really change the battle field! Eventually, we will be able to Brew Dark Spell by using the Dark Spell Factory with our Dark Elixir! There's as well 4 different Heroes available with their own altar to fight with all our Army into Match!

The maximum amount of Troop Capacity to Train Troops is 280! We can own 4 different Army Camp that each give 70 Troop Capacity!

There's 14 different Troops in the Barrack that can be trained by using Elixir!
There's 8 different Troops in the Dark Barrack that can be trained by using Dark Elixir!
There's 4 different Heroes that can be trained by using Dark Elixir for the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen and the Royal Champion and with Elixir for the Grand Warden!
There's 4 different Siege Machines in the Workshop that can be trained by using Gold!

The maximum amount of Spell Storage Capacity to Brew Spell is 11! Spell and Dark Spell use the same Spell Storage Capacity, while some Spell can use 1 or 2 Spell Storage Capacity!

The Laboratory can Research to Upgrade our Troops, Spells! Upgrade normally raise the amount of Damage per Seconds, Hitpoints, Training Cost!