Clash of Clans - Building - Army - Laboratory

In Clash of Clans the Laboratory is the building that allow to Upgrade Troops, Dark Troops, Spells and Dark Spells! Upgrade in the Laboratory require the resource Elixir or Dark Elixir! Upgrade offer to raise the Damage per Seconds, Hitpoints, Training Cost, Heal Effect and more of your Troops and Spells!

Laboratory is available at Town Hall Level 3!

Hitpoints: 500
What dark secrets do the Alchemists hide inside their Laboratory? Nobody has dared to look. All we know is that their research makes our spells and troops harder, better, faster and stronger!

Laboratory Information

- Laboratory Upgrade Troops and Spells.
- Laboratory need the ressource Elixir or Dark Elixir in order to Upgrade.
- Upgrading Laboratory unlock new Troops or Spells Level!
- During the Laboratory Upgrade, the Upgrade doesn't block the Train or Brew!
- Laboratory Maximum Level is 11!
- Maximum Laboratory available is 1
- Laboratory Size: 3x3

Laboratory Cost

Laboratory LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainHitpointsTown Hall Level Require
1 25,0001M75003
2 50,0002H845504
3 90,0008H1696005
4 270,00010H1896506
5 500,00012H2077007
6 1,000,0001D2937508
7 2,000,0002D4158309
8 3,000,0003D50995010
9 6,000,0006D7201,07011
10 8,000,0008D8311,14012
11 10,000,00010D9291,21013