Clash of Clans - Building - Army - Workshop

In Clash of Clans the Workshop is the building that unlock Siege Machine! Workshop is used to create Siege Machine! It require the Resource Elixir to Build and Upgrade!

Workshop are only available at Town Hall level 12!

Siege Machine Capacity: 0 / 1
Hitpoints: 1,000
The Workshop is where Siege Machines are built. Upgrade the Workshop to unlock different Siege Machines!

Workshop Information

- Workshop offer to create Siege Machine.
- Workshop Siege Machine can be deploy into Match.
- Clan Castle Reinforcement can be placed into Workshop Siege Machine.
- Workshop Maximum Level is 4!
- Maximum Workshop available is 1
- Workshop Size: 5x5

Workshop Cost

Workshop LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainHitpointsSiege Machine CapacitySiege Machine UnlockTown Hall Level Require
1 7,500,0006D7201,0001Wall Wrecker12
2 9,000,0008D8311,1002Battle Blimp12
3 10,500,00010D9291,2003Stone Slammer12
4 14,500,00014D1,0991,3003Siege Barracks13