Clash of Clans - Game

Clash of Clans is a Free to Play Strategy in Real Time Massively Multiplayer Online Game, made by Supercell, which is available for Mobile Device iOS since May 13, 2012 & Android since October 24, 2013!


In order to play Clash of Clans, it need:
- Operating System: Android 4.0.3 or later / iOS 5.1.1 or later
- System Storage: +/- 80 Mb
- RAM: +/- 512 Mb
- Internet Access: Constant
- Account: Username & Password (can sign with: Facebook Account or Google Account)


In Clash of Clans each Players will have its own Land to build different building! At the beginning, all Players will start with a Town Hall, Army Camp, Builder Hut and a Gold Mine as well as a Story Line with a Lady! She will start by telling you to Build your 1st Cannon to protect your city from the Goblin Horde and then she will show you how to build your 1st Barrack to train Troops for attacking the Goblin Horde! Building Defensive and Offensive building to defense your City and attack is what a Player will do in he's journey into Clash of Clans! Of course those Building will be used to defense versus all other Players who will visit your city when you are offline and the troops will be used to attack any other Players who are offline! Upgrade your Buildings and Troops, Collect Ressources, Complete many Achievements! Make online Friends or join/create a Clan! Show your Troops power into Battle! Have fun into Clash of Clans! Good Luck Building!


Each Players will have its own Land! We all will Build Buildings and Train Troops in order to acquire Ressources from our battle versus different other Players City! Build Building require a Worker and each Building have its own Time before been completed! Worker come from the building Builder Hut! There's a possibility to own 5 Worker! There's 4 different Ressources available: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gem (real cash money can purchase Gem)! There's 2 different kind of Troops to Train to build your Army! The Barrack and Dark Barrack! Each of them offer different unit type that have its own Damage per second, Hitpoints, Training Cost, Training Time and more. The maximum number of Troops you can train is determined by Army Camp! It exist 3 Heroes to help you fight! There's 2 kind of Spells to perform special effect on the battle field that come from the Spell Factory or Dark Spell Factory! Use the Laboratory to raise the level of each Troops or Spells to make them more stronger! Achievement are available and a Story line too for a single-player experience. Join or create your own Clan to battle with your Clan Friends in Clan versus Clan! Clan Perks by earning XP in Clan Wars! They give special bonus to your Clan! There's many League to enter by the number of your Trophies earned from battle versus other Players! Top Clans and Top Players! Build your city and train your troops to fight! Since 22 May 2017, the Builder Base is available once the Town Hall reach Level 4! Travel across the sea to discover a new complete area to develop and a new way to fight is introduced, the Versus Battles, where 2 Players fight each other and the Player who score the best battle result will win! New way to collect Resources! Gem Mine! There's no Resources stealing in the Builder Base! Also, the Master Builder will offer new achievements and technologies! Gear Up Defense in the Village Home!

And most more...!

Home Village
- 4 In-Game Currencies
- 38 Different Buildings
- 14 Different Troops
- 8 Different Dark Troops
- 6 Different Spells
- 5 Different Dark Spells
- 4 Different Heroes
- Clan with a maximum of 50 Players
- 93 Different Achievements

Builder Base
- 3 In-Game Currencies
- 26 Different Buildings
- 11 Different Troops
- 1 Heroes
- 18 Different Achievements