Clash of Clans - Building - Army - Dark Barracks

In Clash of Clans the Dark Barrack is the building that allow to Train Dark Troops! Training Dark Troops in the Dark Barrack require the ressource Dark Elixir! At Level 1, the Dark Barrack offer to Train Minion! Each Troops have its own Training Time! Multiple Dark Barrack of the same Level reduce the Training Time of Dark Troops!

Dark Barrack are available at Town Hall Level 7!

Dark Troops can be instantly finish by using Gems!
Dark Barracks can receive a Boost by using Gems! Boost Troop Training speed the time by 4x for 1 hour!

Dark Barrack
Hitpoints: 500
The Dark Barracks will open doors for creatures born out of Dark Elixir. Upgrade the barracks to unlock more troops with unique battle skills.

Dark Barrack Information

- Dark Barrack are required to Train Dark Troops.
- Dark Barrack need the ressource Dark Elixir in order to Train Dark Troops.
- Multiple Dark Barrack of the same Level reduce the Training Time of Dark Troop!
- Upgrading Dark Barrack unlock new Dark Troops and lower the Training Time!
- During the Dark Barrack Upgrade, the Training Time raise, because the Dark Barrack become unavailable!
- Dark Barrack Maximum Level is 8!
- Maximum Dark Barrack available is 2
- Dark Barrack Size: 3x3

Dark Barrack Cost

Dark Barrack LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainUnlock TroopHitpointsBoost CostTown Hall Level Require
1 500,0008H169Minion500307
2 1,000,00016H240Hog Rider550307
3 1,500,0001D293Valkyrie600308
4 2,000,0001D 12H360Golem650308
5 2,500,0002D415Witch700309
6 3,000,0003D509Lava Hound750309
7 4,000,0005D657Bowler8003010
8 6,000,00010D929Ice Golem8503011