Clash of Clans - Building - Army - Spell Factory

In Clash of Clans the Spell Factory is the building that allow to Brew Spells! Brewing Spells in the Spells Factory require the ressource Elixir! At Level 1, the Spell Factory offer to Brew the Lightning Spell! Each Spells have its own Brew Time and it's unique ability!

Spell Factory is available at Town Hall Level 5!
Spell Factory have 6 different Spells!
Spell can be instantly finish by using Gems!
Spell Factory can receive a Boost by using Gems! Boost the Spell Brewing speed by 4x for 1 hour!

Spell Factory
Spell storage capacity: 0/2
Hitpoints: 425
The Spell Factory is home to veteran Wizards who are better suited to creating magical weapons than front-line combat. Use their powerful Attack Spells to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Spell Factory Information

- Spell Factory are required to Brew Spells.
- Spell Factory need the ressource Elixir in order to Brew Spells.
- Spells in Spell Factory use 2 Spell Capacity, except the Clone Spell that use 4 Spell Capacity!
- Upgrading Spell Factory unlock new Spells and raise Spell Storage Capacity!
- Maximum Storage Capacity available with Spell Factory is 10!
- During the Spell Factory Upgrade, Brewing Spell are stopped!
- Spell Factory Maximum Level is 5!
- Maximum Spell Factory available is 1
- Spell Factory Size: 3x3

Spell Factory Cost

Spell Factory LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainUnlock SpellSpell Storage CapacityHitpointsBoost CostTown Hall Level Require
1 200,0008H169Lightning Spell242555
2 400,0001D293Healing Spell447056
3 800,0002D415Rage Spell652057
4 1,600,0003D 12H549Jump Spell & Freeze Spell860059
5 3,200,0006D720Clone Spell10720510