Clash of Clans - Building - Builder Base - Army

In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, we have to create Army in order to win Match versus other Players! To build an Army, we need Troop Capacity offer by the Army Camp! There's a maximum of 4 Army Camp, each Army Camp can possess 1 kind of Troops. When we have Troop Capacity, we can Train Troops by using the Builder Barrack! Each Troops trained will have their own number of units! To raise the Power of our Troops, we use the Star Laboratory! There's as well 1 Heroes available with his own altar to fight with all our Army into Match!

The maximum amount of Troop Capacity to Train Troops is 4! We can own 4 different Army Camp that each give 1 Troop Capacity! Number of Units by Army Camp is determined by the Troop Kind and their Level!

There's 8 different Troops in the Builder Barrack!
There's 1 Heroes that can be trained by using Elixir for the Battle Machine!

The Star Laboratory can Research to Upgrade our Troops! Upgrade normally raise the amount of Damage per Seconds, Hitpoints, Number of Units per Army Camp and Unlock & Improves Ability!