Clash of Clans - Building - Builder Base - Army - Battle Machine

In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, the Battle Machine is the building that unlock the Hero - Battle Machine! Battle Machine require the resource Elixir! Battle Machine can be used in Versus Battles! When he lose Hitpoints, he need to Regenerate it back to full amount by Time! During the Regeneration, he Sleep, cannot be used until full Hitpoints!

Battle Machine is available at Town Hall Level 5!
Battle Machine have 4 different Ability Level!

Battle Machine
Damage per second: 125
Hitpoints: 3,600
Regeneration time: 5 Minutes
Ability level: N/A
The Master Builder's prize invention smashes enemy buildings to bits. What better way is there to show who's the best builder around? Unlock the Electric Hammer ability to give opponents a real pounding!

Electric Hammer
Damage increase: 270
Hitpoints recovery: 800
Recharge time: 14 Seconds
The Battle Machine calls down an energizing bolt of lightning, recovering some health and making its next attacks do increased damage. After a time, this ability recharges and can be used again!

Upgrade your hero to level 5 to unlock this ability!

Battle Machine Information

- Battle Machine are required to Unlock the Hero - Battle Machine.
- Battle Machine need the resource Elixir in order to Upgrade.
- Upgrading Battle Machine unlock new Ability each 5 Level!
- Maximum Battle Machine Level is 30!
- Maximum Battle Machine Ability is 6!
- During the Battle Machine Upgrade, Hero - Battle Machine is Sleeping!
- Maximum Battle Machine available is 1
- Battle Machine Size: 3x3

Battle Machine Cost

Battle Machine LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeHitpointsDamage per SecondDamage per HitDPS in AbilityRegeneration TimeAbility LevelBuilder Hall Level Require
1 900,00012H3,600125150N/A3MN/A5
2 1,000,00012H3,672127152.4N/A3MN/A5
3 1,100,00012H3,745130156N/A3MN/A5
4 1,200,0001D3,820132158.4N/A3MN/A5
5 1,300,0001D3,8961351624054M15
6 1,500,0001D3,954137164.44074M16
7 1,600,0001D4,0131401684104M16
8 1,700,0001D4,073142170.44124M16
9 1,800,0001D4,1341451744154M16
10 1,900,0001D4,196147176.44414M26
11 2,100,0002D4,2381501804444M27
12 2,200,0002D4,280154184.84484M27
13 2,300,0002D4,323157188.44514M27
14 2,400,0002D4,3661601924544M27
15 2,500,0002D4,410164196.84925M37
16 2,600,0003D4,454167200.44955M37
17 2,700,0003D4,4991702044985M37
18 2,800,0003D4,544174208.85025M37
19 2,900,0003D4,589177212.45055M37
20 3,000,0003D4,6351802165405M47
21 3,100,0003D4,681184220.85445M48
22 3,200,0003D4,728187224.45475M48
23 3,300,0003D4,775191229.25515M48
24 3,400,0003D4,8231952345555M48
25 3,500,0003D4,8712002406006M58
26 3,600,0004D4,9202052466056M59
27 3,700,0004D4,9702102526106M59
28 3,800,0004D5,0202152586156M59
29 3,900,0004D5,071221265.26216M59
30 4,000,0004D5,122227272.46776M69

Battle Machine - Electric Hammer Ability

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHealth RecoveryAbility Time