Clash of Clans - Building - Builder Base - Army - Builder Barracks

In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, the Builder Barracks is the building that allow to Train Troops! Training Troops in the Builder Barracks require no resources! At Level 1, the Builder Barracks offer to Train Raged Barbarian! Each Troops Type have a Training Time of 1 minute! However, in order to battle, the Builder Barracks have to train all Troops before battling. Inside Versus Battles, just before releasing a Troops, all Troops can be interchangeable!

Troops can be instantly finish by using Gems!
Builder Barracks can receive a Boost by activating the Clock Tower! Boost Troops Training Speed the time by 4x for # minutes!

Builder Barracks
Hitpoints: 300
The Builder Barracks trains troops for Versus Battles! You can also quickly swap troops immediately before attacking. Upgrade the Builder Barracks to unlock more troop types!

Builder Barracks Information

- Builder Barracks are required to Train Troops.
- Builder Barracks need no resource to Train Troops.
- Builder Barracks Training Time of any Troops is 1 minute!
- Upgrading Builder Barracks unlock new Troops!
- During the Builder Barracks Upgrade, the Training of Troops become unavailable! However, using Gems on the Army Camp can still work!
- Maximum Builder Barracks available is 1
- Builder Barracks Size: 3x3

Builder Barracks Cost

Builder Barracks LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainUnlock TroopHitpointsBuilder Hall Level Require
1 1,000N/A0Raged Barbarian3001
2 4,0001M7Sneaky Archer3452
3 10,00010M24Boxer Giant3973
4 25,00030M42Beta Minion4573
5 100,0003H103Bomber5264
6 150,0006H146Baby Dragon6054
7 300,0008H169Cannon Cart6965
8 500,00010H189Night Witch8006
9 1,000,00012H207Drop Ship9207
10 1,500,0001D293Super P.E.K.K.A1,0588
11 2,000,0001D 12H360Hog Glider1,1119