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In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, the Army Camp is the building that unlock Troop Capacity! Troop Capacity allow to have an Army by Training Troops in Builder Barracks! It require 1 minute to Train any Troops for each Army Camp. Each Army Camp can only possess 1 kind of Troops, but it can be interchangeable before release any Troops during Versus Battles! The Army Camp cannot be Upgraded! It exist 5 Army Camps, to make a maximum Total Capacity of 5! The Number of Units per Army Camp depend on the Level of the Troops Type selected!

Army Camp
Hitpoints: 300
our troops are stationed in Army Camps. Each camp can house only one troop type at a time. Some troops can be upgraded to fit more units per camp!

Army Camp Information

- Army Camp are required to train troops.
- Army Camp cannot be upgraded!
- Maximum Army Camp available is 6
- Heroes doesn't take any Troop Capacity, they have their own altar!
- Army Camp Size: 3x3

Army Camp Cost

Number of Army CampElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainHitpointsBuilder Hall Level Require
1* N/AN/AN/A3001
2 12,0005M173002
3 180,0003H1033003
4 350,0008H1693004
5 2,500,0002D4153007
6 2,500,0002D4153008
* The 1st Army Camp is already present when you enter the Builder Base and it will be repaired when upgrading the Builder Hall Level 2!