Clash of Clans - Troop - Wall Breaker

In Clash of Clans the Wall Breaker is one of the Troop trained in the Barrack! Wall Breaker attack only Ground! It use Melee Combat with their Boom and damage Single Target by each detonation but have an Area Splash that can hits multiple targets around the main impact! Wall Breaker have a Favorite Target, Walls and they get a Damage 40x on them! It require the Resource Elixir to Train in the Barrack and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Wall Breaker are available at the Town Hall Level 3 with the Barrack Level 5!

Wall Breaker
Damage per second: 12
Hitpoints: 20
Training Cost: 1,000
Training Time: 1m
Favorite Target:Walls (Damage x40)
Damage Type:Area Splash
Housing Space:2
Movement Speed:24
Nothing warms a Wall Breaker's cold and undead heart like blowing up walls. A squad of them will make way for your ground units, and they will do it with a BANG!

Wall Breaker Information

- Wall Breaker is the fifth troop unlocked in the Barrack.
- Wall Breaker require Elixir to Train or Upgrade.
- Wall Breaker target Ground.
- Wall Breaker have a Range of 1 Tile.
- Wall Breaker attack Single Target but have Area Splash.
- Wall Breaker have Walls as Favorite Target and get a Damage Bonus of 40x on them!
- Wall Breaker Housing Space is 2.
- Wall Breaker Maximum Level is 9!

Wall Breaker Training Time

Number of BarrackTraining Time
11 Minute
230 Seconds
320 Seconds
415 Seconds
Note: Number of Barrack is those Active, not under Upgrade!

Wall Breaker Cost

Wall Breaker LevelTrain CostDamage per SecondDamage on Walls BuildingHitpointsResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 6001248020 N/AN/AN/A
2 8001664024 100,00012H2
3 1,0002496029 250,0001D 12H4
4 1,200321,28035 750,0002D5
5 1,400461,84053 2,000,0003D6
6 1,600602,40072 6,000,0005D8
7 1,800783,12082 9,000,0008D9
8 2,0001004,00092 12,000,00014D10
9 2,2001204,800112 14,000,00015D11

Barrack Level RequiredHousing SpaceAttack TypeAttack SpeedRangeMovement SpeedFavorite Target
52Melee (Ground Only)1 Second1 Tile24Walls (Damage x40)

Wall Breaker needed to destroy Walls

Walls Level →
↓ Wall Breaker Level