Clash of Clans - Troop - Golem

In Clash of Clans the Golem is one of the Troop trained in the Dark Barrack! Golem attack only Ground! It use Melee Combat with Stone Hands and damage Single Target! Golem when dying, Explode and Summon 2 Golemites! Golem have a Favorite Target, Defenses Building! It require the Resource Dark Elixir to Train in the Dark Barrack and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Golem are available at the Town Hall Level 8 with the Dark Barrack Level 4!

Damage per second: 35
Hitpoints: 5,100
Training Cost: 200
Training Time: 10m
Favorite Target:Defenses
Damage Type:Single Target
Housing Space:30
Movement Speed:12
The mighty Golem loves to soak up damage! When destroyed, it explodes and splits in two. The resulting Golemites have one-fifth the Golem's strength and hitpoints.

Golem Information

- Golem is the fourth troop unlocked in the Dark Barrack.
- Golem require Dark Elixir to Train or Upgrade.
- Golem target Ground.
- Golem have a Range of 1 Tile.
- Golem have a Death Damage Range of 1.2 Tiles.
- Golem when Dying Summon 2x Golemites.
- Golem attack Single Targets.
- Golem have Defenses as Favorite Target!
- Golem Housing Space is 30.
- Golem Maximum Level is 9!

Golem Training Time

Number of Dark BarrackTraining Time
110 Minutes
25 Minutes
Note: Number of Dark Barrack is those Active, not under Upgrade!

Golem Cost

Golem LevelTrain CostDamage per SecondDamage per AttackDamage on DeathGolemites Spawn on DeathHitpointsResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 200358435025,100 N/AN/AN/A
2 250409640025,400 60,0004D6
3 3004510845025,700 70,0005D 12H7
4 3505012050026,000 80,0006D 12H7
5 4255513255026,300 90,0008D8
6 5006014460026,600 150,0009D 12H9
7 6006515665026,900 200,00011D 12H9
8 7007016870037,200 200,00014D10
9 8007518075037,500 220,00014D10

Dark Barrack Level RequiredHousing SpaceAttack TypeAttack SpeedRangeDeath Damage RadiusMovement SpeedFavorite Target
430Single Target (Ground Only)2.4 Seconds1 Tile1.5 Tiles12Defenses