Clash of Clans - Troop - Builder Base - Drop Ship

In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, the Drop Ship is one of the Troop trained in the Builder Barracks! Drop Ship only attack Ground! It doesn't do any damage by itself, however, if he's ability is unlock, when it get destroy, it will deal damage where it's destroyed but have an Area Splash that can hits multiple targets around the main impact! In addition, it will spawn extra last Skeleton. Drop Ship always Drop Skeleton to fight with him! Skeleton are dropped in groups of 3. Skeleton can only attack Ground! It require the Resource Elixir to Upgrade in the Star Laboratory! Drop Ship will unlock his Ability Skeleton Burst at level 4!

Drop Ship are available at the Builder Barracks Level 9!

Drop Ship
Damage per second: 10
Hitpoints: 1200
Max summoned units: 9
Favorite Target:Any
Damage Type:Area Splash
Units per camp:2
Movement Speed:12
Packed to the brim with bones instead of bombs. Skeletons leap out of these balloons directly next to the enemy!

Drop Ship Information

- Drop Ship is the ninth troop unlocked in the Builder Barracks.
- Drop Ship require Elixir to Upgrade.
- Drop Ship target Ground only.
- Drop Ship have a Range of 0.5 Tile.
- Drop Ship attack Single Target.
- Drop Ship have no Favorite Target!
- Drop Ship have the Ability Skeleton Burst.
- Drop Ship are not affected by Spring Weight.
- Drop Ship Maximum Level is 18!

Drop Ship Cost

Drop Ship LevelHitpointsUnits per Army CampSkeleton Summoned CooldownSkeleton Burst DamageSkeleton Burst Spawned SkeletonsResearch CostResearch TimeStar Laboratory Level Required
21,32026S1004 1,100,00012H6
31,45226S1004 1,200,00012H7
41,45225.2S1004 1,300,0001D7
51,59725.2S1004 1,400,0001D7
61,59725.2S1506 1,500,0002D7
71,75725.2S1506 1,600,0002D7
81,75724.5S1506 1,700,0003D7
91,93324.5S1506 1,800,0003D7
101,93324.5S2259 2,000,0003D7
112,12624.5S2259 2,200,0003D7
122,12623.9S2259 2,400,0003D7
132,33923.9S2259 2,600,0003D7
142,33923.9S30012 2,800,0003D7
152,57323.9S30012 3,600,0004D8
162,57323.4S30012 3,800,0004D8
172,83023.4S30012 4,300,0005D9
183,11323.4S30012 4,500,0005D9

Builder Barracks Level RequiredAttack TypeAttack SpeedRangeMovement SpeedFavorite TargetSpecial AbilitySpring Weight
9Area Splash (Ground)N/A0.5 Tile12AnySkeleton BurstN/A

Drop Ship Skeleton Burst Ability

Deals # damage and spawns # Skeletons when destroyed.