Clash of Clans - Troop - Barbarian

In Clash of Clans the Barbarian is one of the Troop trained in the Barrack! Barbarian attack only Ground! It use Melee Combat with a Sword and damage Single Target! It require the Resource Elixir to Train in the Barrack and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Barbarian are available at the Town Hall Level 1!

Damage per second: 45
Hitpoints: 45
Training Cost: 25
Training Time: 20s
Favorite Target:Any
Damage Type:Single Target
Housing Space:1
Movement Speed:16
This fearless warrior relies on his bulging muscles and striking mustache to wreak havoc in enemy villages. Release a horde of Barbarians and enjoy the mayhem!

Barbarian Information

- Barbarian is the first troop unlocked in the Barrack.
- Barbarian require Elixir to Train or Upgrade.
- Barbarian target Ground.
- Barbarian have a Range of 0.4 Tiles.
- Barbarian attack Single Target.
- Barbarian have no Favorite Target.
- Barbarian Housing Space is 1.
- Barbarian Maximum Level is 8!

Barbarian Training Time

Number of BarrackTraining Time
120 Seconds
210 Seconds
36 Seconds
45 Seconds
Note: Number of Barrack is those Active, not under Upgrade!

Barbarian Cost

Barbarian LevelTrain CostDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 258845 N/AN/AN/A
2 40111154 50,0006H1
3 60141465 150,0001D3
4 100181878 500,0002D5
5 150232395 1,500,0003D6
6 2002626110 4,500,0004D7
7 2503030145 6,000,0005D8
8 3003434205 8,000,0008D9

Barrack Level RequiredHousing SpaceAttack TypeAttack SpeedRangeMovement SpeedFavorite Target
11Melee (Ground Only)1 Second0.4 Tile16Any