Clash of Clans - Troop - Archer Queen

In Clash of Clans the Archer Queen is one of the Heroes Troop obtained by the Building Archer Queen Altar! Archer Queen attack Ground & Air! It use Range Combat with a Crossbow and damage Single Target! Archer Queen have the Ability Royal Cloak, when activating in a Match, she become Hidden for several seconds, restore some hitpoints, gain a temporary damage increase and summon few archer to fight with her! Archer Queen can either Guard or Sleep, on Guard Mode she's defending, while in Sleep Mode she's not defending! She can be used in Match versus other Players! When she lose Hitpoints, she need to Regenerate it back to full amount by Time! During the Regeneration, she Sleep, cannot be used until full Hitpoints! It require the Resource Dark Elixir to Upgrade on her Archer Queen Altar!

Archer Queen is available at Town Hall Level 9!

Archer Queen can receive a Boost by using Gems! Boost the Archer Queen Healing speed by 4x for 1 hour!

Archer Queen and any other Heroes, count as 25 in Troops Capacity when deploying on a Match to trigger the Eagle Artillery!

Archer Queen
Damage per second: 160
Hitpoints: 725
Regeneration time: 10 Minutes
Ability level: 1
This graceful huntress is a master of destructive force, though modest in health. She snipes targets in her territory when defending, and can summon stealth and terrifying damage when attacking once her Royal Cloak ability is unlocked!

Royal Cloak
Damage per second: 300
Hitpoints recovery: 150
Ability time: 3.6 Seconds
Summoned units: 5
The queen vanishes from sight to recover some health and unleash devastating volleys of high-damage ammunition. Defenses will lose her as their target, and a group of archers will appear to distract them!

Upgrade your hero to level 10 to improve his ability!

Archer Queen Information

- Archer Queen Altar are required to Unlock the Hero - Archer Queen.
- Archer Queen need the resource Dark Elixir in order to Upgrade.
- During the Archer Queen Upgrade, Hero - Archer Queen is Sleeping!
- Upgrading Archer Queen unlock new Ability each 5 Level!
- Archer Queen target Ground & Air.
- Archer Queen have a Range of 5 Tiles.
- Archer Queen attack Single Target.
- Archer Queen have no Favorite Target.
- Maximum Archer Queen Level is 70!
- Maximum Archer Queen Ability is 14!
- Maximum Archer Queen available is 1

Archer Queen Cost

Archer Queen LevelDark Elixir CostBuilder TimeHitpointsDamage per SecondDamage per HitRegeneration TimeAbility LevelTown Hall Level Require
1 40,000N/A72516012010MN/A9
2 22,50012H74016412310MN/A9
3 25,00012H75516812610MN/A9
4 27,5001D77117212910MN/A9
5 30,0001D78717613213M19
6 32,5001D804181135.7513M19
7 35,0001D 12H821185138.7513M19
8 39,0001D 12H838190142.513M19
9 43,0001D 12H856194145.513M19
10 47,0002D874199149.2516M29
11 51,0002D89220415316M29
12 55,0002D911209156.7516M29
13 59,0002D 12H930215161.2516M29
14 63,0002D 12H94922016516M29
15 67,0002D 12H969226169.519M39
16 71,0003D990231173.2519M39
17 75,0003D1,010237177.7519M39
18 80,0003D1,032243182.2519M39
19 85,0003D 12H1,053249186.7519M39
20 90,0003D 12H1,076255191.2522M49
21 95,0003D 12H1,098262196.522M49
22 100,0004D1,12126820122M49
23 105,0004D1,145275206.2522M49
24 110,0004D1,169282211.522M49
25 115,0004D 12H1,193289216.7525M59
26 119,0004D 12H1,21829622225M59
27 123,0004D 12H1,24430422825M59
28 127,0005D1,270311233.2525M59
29 131,0005D1,297319239.2525M59
30 135,0005D1,324327245.2528M69
31 139,0005D 12H1,352335251.2528M610
32 143,0005D 12H1,38034425828M610
33 147,0005D 12H1,40935226428M610
34 151,0006D1,439361270.7528M610
35 155,0006D1,469370277.531M710
36 159,0006D1,500379284.2531M710
37 163,0006D 12H1,532389291.7531M710
38 167,0006D 12H1,564398298.531M710
39 171,0006D 12H1,59740830631M710
40 175,0007D1,630419314.2534M810
41 180,0007D1,664429321.7534M811
42 182,0007D1,69944033034M811
43 184,0007D1,735451338.2534M811
44 186,0007D1,771462346.534M811
45 188,0007D1,809474355.537M911
46 190,0007D1,847486364.537M911
47 192,0007D1,885498373.537M911
48 194,0007D1,925510382.537M911
49 196,0007D1,965523392.2537M911
50 198,0007D2,00753640240M1011
51 200,0007D2,058547410.2540M1012
52 204,0007D2,110558418.540M1012
53 208,0007D2,163570427.540M1012
54 212,0007D2,21858243640M1012
55 216,0007D2,274594445.543M1112
56 220,0007D2,331606454.543M1112
57 224,0007D2,390619464.2543M1112
58 228,0007D2,45063247443M1112
59 232,0007D2,512645483.7543M1112
60 236,0007D2,575658493.546M1212
61 240,0007D2,639671503.2546M1212
62 240,0007D2,70568451346M1212
63 240,0007D2,773698523.546M1212
64 240,0007D2,84271253446M1212
65 240,0007D2,913726544.546M1312
66 250,0007D 12H2,980739554.2546M1313
67 260,0007D 12H3,040751563.2546M1313
68 270,0007D 12H3,095762571.546M1313
69 280,0007D 12H3,14577257946M1313
70 290,0008D3,190781585.7549M1413

Town Hall Level RequiredAttack TypeAttack SpeedRangeMovement SpeedFavorite Target
9Range (Ground & Air)0.75 Second5 Tiles24Any

Archer Queen - Royal Cloak Ability

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHealth RecoveryAbility TimeSummoned Archers