Clash of Clans - Spell - Rage Spell

In Clash of Clans the Rage Spell is one of the Spell brewed in the Spell Factory! Rage Spell when deployed will create a Rage Circle of 10 Tiles that Increase the Damage and Speed temporary of Friendly Troops inside! However, the Rage effect doesn't stack with the Hero - Barbarian King, Ability - Iron Fist! Multiple Rage Spell on the same location will not give additional bonus! It require the Resource Elixir to Brew in the Spell Factory and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Rage Spell are available at the Town Hall Level 7 with the Spell Factory Level 3!

Rage Spell
Damage increase: 130%
Speed increase: 20
Cost: 23,000
Heal Type:Area Splash
Housing Space:2
Brewing Time:6m
Targets:Ground & Air
Enrage your units to make them bigger, faster and stronger!

Cast this to create a Ring of Rage! Your units will gain speed and attack power while they are inside this ring.

Rage Spell Information

- Rage Spell is the third spell unlocked in the Spell Factory.
- Rage Spell require Elixir to Brew or Upgrade.
- Rage Spell target Ground & Air.
- Rage Spell create a Ring of Rage of 10 Tiles.
- Rage Spell the Ring of Rage lasts 18 Seconds!
- Rage Spell offer a total of 60 Rages, 1 Rage every 0.3 Second!
- Rage Spell Damage Increase bonus is calculated as: Enrage Damage = Base Damage * (100% + DamageIncrease%) or Base Damage * (1 + DamageIncrease%/100)!
- Rage Spell rage Multiple Target.
- Rage Spell on Healer increase their Heal!
- Rage Spell when Troops go outside the Ring of Rage, they keep the Bonus of 1 Second!
- Rage Spell Housing Space is 2.
- Rage Spell Maximum Level is 6!

Rage Spell Cost

Rage Spell LevelBrew CostDamage IncreaseSpeed IncreaseResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 20,000130%20 N/AN/AN/A
2 22,000140%22 450,0002D3
3 24,000150%24 900,0003D4
4 26,000160%26 1,800,0004D5
5 28,000170%28 3,000,0005D6
6 30,000180%30 11,000,00011D 12H10

Spell Factory Level RequiredHousing SpaceBrew TimeNumber of RageTime Between RageRage TimeRing of Rage Radius
326 Minutes600.3 Second1 Second5 Tiles