Clash of Clans - Spell - Jump Spell

In Clash of Clans the Jump Spell is one of the Spell brewed in the Spell Factory! Jump Spell when deployed will create a Jump Circle of 7 Tiles that allow Troops to Jump over Walls! However, it only work on Ground Troops, not on Air Troops, they already Fly over Walls! It require the Resource Elixir to Brew in the Spell Factory and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Jump Spell are available at the Town Hall Level 9 with the Spell Factory Level 4!

Jump Spell
Spell duration: 20 Seconds
Cost: 23,000
Effect Type:Area Splash
Housing Space:2
Brewing Time:6m
Walls slowing you down? Try making a shortcut!

Cast this spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them. Your Troops will jump over affected wall pieces as if they weren't even there!

Jump Spell Information

- Jump Spell is the fourth spell unlocked in the Spell Factory.
- Jump Spell require Elixir to Brew or Upgrade.
- Jump Spell target Ground.
- Jump Spell create a Ring of Jump of 7 Tiles.
- Jump Spell the Ring of Jump can lasts for 20 to 60 Seconds, depend on Level!
- Jump Spell jump Multiple Target.
- Jump Spell when Troops go outside the Ring of Jump, they keep the Bonus of ~0.6 Second!
- Jump Spell on Wall Breaker do not make them Jump over Walls, they continue to deliver the boom on the Walls!
- Jump Spell Housing Space is 2.
- Jump Spell Maximum Level is 4!

Jump Spell Cost

Jump Spell LevelBrew CostJump DurationResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 23,00020 Seconds N/AN/AN/A
2 27,00040 Seconds 3,000,0004D5
3 31,00060 Seconds 6,000,0007D8
4 32,00080 Seconds 13,000,00015D11

Spell Factory Level RequiredHousing SpaceBrew TimeJump TimeJump Radius
426 Minutes~0.6 Second3.5 Tiles