Clash of Clans - Spell - Earthquake Spell

In Clash of Clans the Earthquake Spell is one of the Spell brewed in the Dark Spell Factory! Earthquake Spell when deployed will create a Earthquake Circle of 8 Tiles that Damage by a Percentage (depend on Level) any Building in the Circle! However any Resources Storage Building (Gold Storage, Elixir Storage and Dark Elixir Storage) are Immune to the Earthquake Spell! 4x Earthquake Spell on the same Walls of any Level will Destroy them! It require the Resource Dark Elixir to Brew in the Dark Spell Factory and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Earthquake Spell are available at the Town Hall Level 8 with the Dark Spell Factory Level 2!

Earthquake Spell
Damage: 14%
Cost: 125
Damage Type:Area Splash
Housing Space:1
Brewing Time:3m
Targets:Buildings & Walls
Favorite Target:Walls
Weaken Walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes!

Earthquake Spells damage structures based on their maximum hitpoints. Repeated Earthquakes deal decreasing damage to the same buildings, but increasing damage to the same Walls. No wall can withstand the might of four Earthquake Spells!

Earthquake Spell Information

- Earthquake Spell is the second spell unlocked in the Dark Spell Factory.
- Earthquake Spell require Dark Elixir to Brew or Upgrade.
- Earthquake Spell target Building & Walls.
- Earthquake Spell create a Ring of Earthquake of 8 Tiles.
- Earthquake Spell the Ring of Earthquake can lasts for ~3 Seconds!
- Earthquake Spell damage Multiple Buildings & Walls.
- Earthquake Spell when deployed will Damage any Buildings & Walls that are the Ring!
- Earthquake Spell doesn't do Damage on Troops!
- Earthquake Spell Housing Space is 1.
- Earthquake Spell Maximum Level is 5!

Earthquake Spell Cost

Earthquake Spell LevelBrew CostDamageEarthquake RadiusResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 12514%3.5 Tiles N/AN/AN/A
2 14017%3.8 Tiles 30,0004D6
3 16021%4.1 Tiles 60,0005D7
4 18025%4.4 Tiles 90,0009D 12H8
5 20029%4.7 Tiles 120,00011D9

Dark Spell Factory Level RequiredHousing SpaceBrew TimeDamage TypeTargetsFavorite Target
213 MinutesArea SplashBuildings & WallsWalls