Clash of Clans - Spell - Clone Spell

In Clash of Clans the Clone Spell is one of the Spell brewed in the Spell Factory! Clone Spell when deployed will create a Clone Circle of 7 Tiles that Clone temporarily friendly Ground or Air Troops who enter the Circle! The first few Troops who enter the Clone Circle will be Cloned to a Maximum Capacity depending of the Clone Spell Level! The Cloned Capacity is the Housing Space of the Troops! It require the Resource Elixir to Brew in the Spell Factory and Upgrade in the Laboratory!

Clone Spell are available at the Town Hall Level 10 with the Spell Factory Level 5!

Clone Spell
Cloned capacity: 18
Cost: 28,000
Effect Type:Area Splash
Housing Space:3
Brewing Time:9m
Targets:Ground & Air
Turn this Spell into a pop-up army!

Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter it. It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops.

Clone Spell Information

- Clone Spell is the sixth spell unlocked in the Spell Factory.
- Clone Spell require Elixir to Brew or Upgrade.
- Clone Spell target Ground & Air.
- Clone Spell create a Ring of Clone of 7 Tiles.
- Clone Spell the Ring of Clone can lasts for ~10 Seconds!
- Clone Spell the Cloned Clone can lasts for ~30 Seconds!
- Clone Spell clone Multiple Target.
- Clone Spell when deployed will Clone any Troops that enter the Ring until it reach Cloned Capacity!
- Clone Spell cannot Clone Heroes, but can Clone the Summoned Troops by the Ability: Iron Fist or Royal Cloak!
- Clone Spell can Clone Summoned units like Golemites from the Golem, Skeleton from the Witch or Lava Pup from the Lava Hound!
- Clone Spell Housing Space is 3.
- Clone Spell Maximum Level is 5!

Clone Spell Cost

Clone Spell LevelBrew CostCloned CapacityResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
1 28,00018 N/AN/AN/A
2 29,50021 4,000,0004D8
3 31,00024 6,000,0005D8
4 32,50027 8,000,0006D 12H9
5 34,00030 10,000,00011D 12H9

Spell Factory Level RequiredHousing SpaceBrew TimeClone Spell DurationClone Cloned DurationClone Radius
539 Minutes~10 Seconds~30 Seconds3.5 Tiles