Clash of Clans - Match - Victory & Defeat

In Clash of Clans, Match in Multiplayer versus a Player will result in either a Victory or a Defeat!

Victory & Defeat

When fighting in a Match, you can either Win or Lose the battle! However, a Victory have benefit over Defeat of course!

In order to get a Victory in a Match, it require to get at least 1 Star on 3! To obtain a Star there's 2 way:
- +1 Star by Destroying your enemy Town Hall!
- +1 Star by Destroying 50% of your enemy Buildings!
The 3rd Star is obtained by Destroying 100% of your enemy base!

When you receive at least 1 Star, it mean a Victory! You will be rewarded some Trophies and gain the Resources Loot you collect during the Match! Also, you will obtain the Trophy Leagues Bonus depending on how many percent you Destroy your enemy base! 70% Destruction give 100% Trophy Leagues Bonus and 50% Destruction give 80% Trophy Leagues Bonus! Finally, the Star you collect will be added to your Star Bonus! It require 5 Stars to collect the Star Bonus and the Bonus is different for each Trophy League!

A Defeat mean that you fail to obtain at least 1 Star! In this situation, you will lose some Trophies, but you will still gain the Resources Loot you collect during the Match!