Clash of Clans - Match - Shield

In Clash of Clans, the Shield allow to Protect your City from being Find by other Players for a Match in Multiplayer!


There's 3 kind of Shield available in Clash of Clan! When starting to play Clash of Clans, every new Players receive a 3 Days Shield!

Having a Shield mean that's your City cannot be found when other Players try to Find a Match in Multiplayer! Shield come and go away in many different way!

There's also a Guard Shield that can let you attack freely other Players in Multiplayer Match as well as protecting your City from being raid!

Attacking in Clan Wars or in the Single Player Campaign will not remove any Shield Time!

The Shield, when present, stop other Players to find your City for a Multiplayer Match! Perhaps, the Shield have a Timer and can expire! Shield Time is reduced when Fighting in Multiplayer Match! However, if you are only browsing Match without deploying any troops, it will not count! As more attack are performed under the same Shield, the Time reduce will increase by each Match! Starting by 3 hours, then 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 hours! 24 Hours is the maximum amount of decrease Shield Time! The same thing apply to Revenge Match!

When your City have No Shield, a new Shield can be obtained when 2 conditions have been made!
1 - Your City is being attacked in Multiplayer Match by another Player who have at least do a Total Damage of 30%!
2 - The Player have deployed at least 1/3 of the Full Army at he's Town Hall Level!

- 30% Total Damage give a 12 hours Shield.
- 60% Total Damage give a 14 hours Shield.
- 90% Total Damage give a 16 hours Shield.

Full Army is defined with the Total troop capacity of Army Camp and Heroes count as 25!

It's possible to obtain a Shield even if your enemy have fail to defeat your city! If your city is destroyed between 30% to 49% Total Damage, without having your Town Hall destroy, so 0 Star earned, and he deployed hes Full Army troop capacity! You will gain a Shield of 12 hours as well as a Victory Defense!

Shield can also be purchased from the Shop by spending Gems!

When the Shield expire, you become with Guard Shield!

Guard Shield
The Guard Shield, when present, allow to participate in Multiplayer Match AND stop other Players to find your City! It's the best Shield!

When the Guard Shield expire, you become with No Shield!

No Shield
The No Shield, mean that your City is no longue under protection and expose to other Players for a Multiplayer Match! However, only if you are Offline!

Also, the Villagers of your City will need a short break after being too long without a Shield. It's called Personal Break!

When the No Shield arrive, the Time until Personal Break start!

Personal Break
The Personal Break is a Break that your Villagers need to rest! After 4 cumulative hours of playing! During that Personal Break, you will be kicked out of the Game for several minutes! During that time, your City can be attacked by other Player for a Multiplayer Match!

If you have a Shield, you can play freely without having the Personal Break Timer! Each time you obtain a Shield, the Personal Break Timer Reset!

If you DON'T have a Shield, you're Personal Break Timer start to count down as long as you play! After 4 hours of continuous play, your timer will reach 0 and you will be Kicked out for the Personal Break!

Resetting the Personal Break Time can be done by:
- You are Offline for 15 minutes without being attacked. It's more like 20 Minutes, because it need 5 Minutes to completely be Logged Out!

- You have been kicked out for 6 Minutes (Personal Break) and during that 6 Minutes your didn't get a Shield! You will get a 30 Minutes Guard Shield! However, the Timer of the Guard Shield is not based on the Trophy League! It's 30 Minutes! After that 30 Minutes under Guard Shield, you will be kicked out for another 6 Minutes (Personal Break)!
If you repeat 2 extra times the 6 Minutes OFF & 30 Minutes IN, the Personal Break Timer will be reset!

- 4 constant Hours of playing = 6 Minutes Personal Break,
- coming back without being attacked = 30 Minutes Guard Shield and then 6 Minutes Personal Break,
- again coming back without being attacked = 30 Minutes Guard Shield and then 6 Minute Personal Break,
- finally coming back without being attacked = Guard Shield depending on your current Trophy League and Personal Break is now Reset to 4 Hours!

Message when your City is under Personal Break: "Villagers need a short break due to being too long without Shield."