Clash of Clans - Match - Multiplayer

In Clash of Clans, Match in Multiplayer is where we use our Army (Troops and Spells) to Fight other Players!

Multiplayer Match

Fighting versus other Players is determined by your Town Hall level and the number of Trophies! The Town Hall level take a higher influence over Trophies! When searching for a Match, the game only try to find Players who are Offline!

If you have a Shield, you will lose some duration on your shield! The 1st match will lose 3 hours, the 2nd will lose 4 hours, the 3nd will lose 5 hours and so on!

When the game have find a Player to Match with! It offer a 30 seconds duration to check the Player base! During that time, you have to determined if you are going to fight that player, skip for another Match or End Battle! You can see how many Trophies are available by defeating that Player and as well as how many Resources that Player possess for Loot by your Army! Although the Resources available to Loot are separated between several building!

By deploying at least 1 Troop or Spell it will start the Fight! The button Next will be gone and the End Battle will switch for Surrender and then the Battle Time will start he's count down! But if you have not deployed anything even after the 30 seconds, you can still click on End Battle and will not receive any penalty!

When you have at least 1 Star, the Surrender (Button) will switch for End Battle! You can now stop the fight whenever you want! Sometime it's good to stop a fight to save your Heroes Hitpoints before they die!

Any Troops or Spells deployed into the Battle Map will be lost after it (even if some troops are still alive), but those who remain into your Deployment Tab will be back into your Army Camp!

There's a possibility to Revenge Players who attack your city, by tapping on the Mail (Button) > Defense (Tab) > Revenge (Button)!

3 Minutes for a Match!