Clash of Clans - Clan - Join

In Clash of Clans any Player can Join a Clan!

Joining a Clan

There's many way to Join a Clan!

Searching Clan
- By tapping the Clan Castle (Building) > Clan (Button) and Search Clans (Tab)
However, a Clan have a Clan Type, that can be either "Anyone can join", "Invite only" or "Closed"!

Global Chat
- By tapping the Left Side Arrow (Open Chat) > Global (Tab)
There's many Clan Members that are Recruiting Players to Join their Clan!

Accepting an Clan Invitation
- By tapping the Mail (Button) > Inbox (Tab) > Accept/Reject
If you are writing into the Global Chat about "looking for a clan", you can receive Invitation!

Note: Clan can set a Minimum Trophies to Join!