Clash of Clans - Clan - Friendly Challenge

In Clash of Clans any Clan can do Clan Friendly Challenge! It allow to 2 Clan to do a Friendly Challenge! It's like the Clan War, but without any negative impact!

Friendly Challenge

The Clan Friendly Challenge can be made with 2 Clan who wanna attack each other to either some practice, test or fun!

It doesn't consume any Troops, Spells or Heroes! (like Challenge)
Cannot loot Resource during Battle!
No Trophies or Bonus!

In order to perform a Clan Friendly Challenge, it require that the 2 Clans are not currently in a Clan War! When you are ready, find in the Global Chat or inside your Clan Bookmarks the Clan to do a Clan Friendly Challenge with! Enter to check their Clan Profile and by tapping on the Challenge (Button)!