Clash of Clans - Clan - Create

In Clash of Clans any Player can Create a Clan!

Create a Clan

To create your own Clan in Clash of Clans, it require 40,000 Golds!

When you are ready to create your Clan and pay the 40,000 Golds! It's time to fill your new Clan informations! By tapping the Clan Castle (Building) > Clan (Button) and Create Clan (Tab):
- Clan Name
- Clan Symbol (Badge)
- Description
- Clan Type (Anyone can join, Invite only or Closed)
- Minimum trophies to join (0 to 4200)
- War Frequency (Always, Never, Twice a week, Once a week, Rarely or Not set)
- Clan Location

Note: The Clan Name cannot be edited after the Clan is created!