Clash of Clans - Building - Resources - Town Hall

In Clash of Clans the Town Hall is the primary building that unlock Buildings! Town Hall is used to store resources and can re-arms Traps, X-Bows, Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers! When upgrading the Town Hall, it always offer new Buildings, Traps, Defenses and much more to create and unlock Buildings/Troops/Spells/Heroes Level! Also the Town Hall is used to determine opponent when searching for a match! Town Hall also play a big factor in Match, if destroyed, it give 1 Star, so it mean that by destroying an opponent Town Hall give a Victory! It require the Resource Gold to Upgrade!

Town Hall
Storage Capacity: 1,000
Storage Capacity: 1,000
Hitpoints: 450
This is the heart of your village. Upgrading your Town Hall unlocks new defenses, buildings, traps and much more.
Destroying an opponent's Town Hall wins you the battle and you get one Star.
Destroying 50% of enemy building gains you a second Star, while 100% annihilation awards full three Stars.
Beware, your enemies will be trying to destroy your Town Hall too!
For maximum protection, keep your Town Hall in the middle of your village and protect it with walls, traps and defensive buildings. Your enemies are sneaky and can attack from any side!

Town Hall Information

- Town Hall are required to unlock: Buildings, Troops, Heroes and much mores.
- Town Hall are required to unlock level: Buildings, Troops, Heroes and much mores.
- Town Hall Maximum Level is 13!
- Maximum Town Hall available is 1
- Town Hall Size: 4x4

Town Hall Cost

Town Hall LevelGold CostBuilder TimeExpy GainHitpointsAvailable Buildings
2 1,00010S31,60019
3 4,0003H1031,85026
4 25,0008H1692,10031
5 150,00012H2072,40038
6 750,0001D2932,80044
7 1,200,0002D4153,30057
8 2,000,0003D5093,90067
9 3,000,0004D5874,60077
10 5,000,0006D7205,50087
11 7,000,00014D1,0996,80093
12 9,500,00014D1,0997,50096
13 12,000,00018D1,2478,20099

Town Hall Storage Capacity

Town Hall LevelGoldElixirDark Elixir