Clash of Clans - Building - Resources - Gold Mine

In Clash of Clans the Gold Mine is the building that allow to generate the resource Gold! Gold are used to purchase Buildings and Find a Match!

Gold Mine
Capacity: 500
Production Rate: 200 per Hour
Hitpoints: 400
The Gold Mine produces gold. Upgrade it to boost its production and gold storage capacity.

Gold Mine Information

- Gold Mine produce the resource Gold over time.
- Multiple Gold Mine raise the amount of Gold produced.
- Collecting Gold from Gold Mine by Tapping on each Gold Mine!
- When being attacked by other Players, 50% of the produced Gold can be steal!
- Upgrading Gold Mine raise the Capacity, Production Rate and Hitpoints but it stop the production of Gold!
- Gold Mine can be Boost by spending Gem to Double the Production Rate for 1 Day!
- Gold Mine Maximum Level is 13!
- Maximum Gold Mine available is 7.
- Gold Mine Size: 3x3

Gold Mine Chart

Gold Mine LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainCapacityProduction RateHitpointsTime to FillBoost CostTown Hall Level Require
1 15010S3500200/H4002H30MN/A1
2 3001M71,000400/H4402H30MN/A1
3 70015M301,500600/H4802H30MN/A2
4 1,4001H602,500800/H5203H7M30SN/A2
5 3,5001H6010,0001,000/H56010H 43
6 7,0004H12020,0001,300/H60015H23M5S 53
7 14,0006H14630,0001,600/H64018H45M 64
8 28,0008H16950,0001,900/H6801D2H18M57S 74
9 56,00010H18975,0002,200/H7201D10H5M27S 85
10 84,00012H207100,0002,800/H7801D11H42M52S 95
11 168,00016H240150,0003,500/H8601D18H51M26S 107
12 336,0001D293200,0004,200/H9601D23H37M9S 108
13 504,0003D509250,0004,900/H1,0802D3H1M14S 1110

Gold Mine Loot Percent

When attacking by other Players, 50% Percent of our current Gold that are produced into the Gold Mine can be steal by destroying the Gold Mine!

Town Hall LevelPercentCapStorage Amount needed for Cap

There's a Loot Multiplier Penalty that is applied on the maximum amount of Gold that can be looted during a match! The Loot Multiplier Penalty is determined on the difference between your Town Hall Level versus your Opponent Town Hall Level!

Town Hall Level DifferencePercent of Loot Available
+0 and More100%
-4 and Less5%