Clash of Clans - Building - Resources - Dark Elixir Storage

In Clash of Clans the Dark Elixir Storage is the building that allow to store the resource Dark Elixir! Dark Elixir are used to purchase Buildings, Troops and Upgrade!

Dark Elixir Storage is immune to Spell Damage!

Dark Elixir Storage are only available at Town Hall level 7!

Dark Elixir Storage
Storage Capacity: 10,000
Hitpoints: 2,000
These storages contain the elixir pumped from underground. Upgrade them to increase the maximum amount of elixir you can store.

All resource storages are immune to spell damage!

Dark Elixir Storage Information

- Dark Elixir Storage store the resource Dark Elixir.
- When being attacked by other Players, a Percent (4% to 6%) of the Dark Elixir stored can be steal! (Depend of Town Hall Level)
- Upgrading Dark Elixir Storage raise the Storage Capacity and Hitpoints!
- Dark Elixir Storage Maximum Level is 8!
- Maximum Dark Elixir Storage available is 1.
- Dark Elixir Storage Size: 3x3

Dark Elixir Storage Chart

Dark Elixir Storage LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainStorage CapacityHitpointsTown Hall Level Require
1 500,0008H169 10,0002,0007
2 750,00016H240 17,5002,2007
3 1,000,0001D293 40,0002,4008
4 1,500,0001D 12H360 75,0002,6008
5 2,000,0002D415 140,0002,9009
6 3,000,0003D509 180,0003,2009
7 6,000,0005D657 220,0003,50012
8 9,000,00010D929 280,0003,80013

Dark Elixir Storage Loot Percent

When attacking by other Players, a Percent of our current Dark Elixir that are stored into the Dark Elixir Storage can be steal by destroying the Dark Elixir Storage! The amount available to be looted is based on the Town Hall Level!

Town Hall LevelPercentCapStorage Amount needed for Cap

There's a Loot Multiplier Penalty that is applied on the maximum amount of Dark Elixir that can be looted during a match! The Loot Multiplier Penalty is determined on the difference between your Town Hall Level versus your Opponent Town Hall Level!

Town Hall Level DifferencePercent of Loot Available
+0 and More100%
-4 and Less5%