Clash of Clans - Building - Resources - Dark Elixir Drill

In Clash of Clans the Dark Elixir Drill is the building that allow to generate the resource Dark Elixir! Dark Elixir are used to purchase Buildings, Troops and Upgrade!

Dark Elixir Drill are only available at Town Hall level 7!

Dark Elixir Drill
Capacity: 800
Production Rate: 20 per Hour
Hitpoints: 800
Our Alchemists have finally figured a way to extract pure Dark Elixir, the rarest form of the magical substance.

Dark Elixir Drill Information

- Dark Elixir Drill produce the resource Dark Elixir over time.
- Dark Elixir Drill are available at Town Hall level 7!
- Multiple Dark Elixir Drill raise the amount of Dark Elixir produced.
- Collecting Dark Elixir from Dark Elixir Drill by Tapping on each Dark Elixir Drill!
- When being attacked by other Players, 50% of the produced Dark Elixir can be steal!
- Upgrading Dark Elixir Drill raise the Capacity, Production Rate and Hitpoints but it stop the production of Dark Elixir!
- Dark Elixir Drill can be Boost by spending Gem to Double the Production Rate for 1 Day!
- Dark Elixir Drill Maximum Level is 7!
- Maximum Dark Elixir Drill available is 3.
- Dark Elixir Drill Size: 3x3

Dark Elixir Drill Chart

Dark Elixir Drill LevelElixir CostBuilder TimeExpy GainCapacityProduction RateHitpointsTime to FillBoost CostTown Hall Level Require
1 1,000,0008H16916020/H8008H 77
2 1,250,0001D29330030/H86010H 107
3 1,500,0001D 12H36054045/H92012H 157
4 1,750,0002D41584060/H98014H 209
5 2,000,0003D5091,28080/H1,06016H 259
6 2,500,0004D5871,800100/H 1,16018H 309
7 3,000,0005D6572,400120/H 1,28020H 3510

Dark Elixir Drill Loot Percent

When attacking by other Players, 75% Percent of our current Dark Elixir that are produced into the Dark Elixir Drill can be steal by destroying the Dark Elixir Drill!

Town Hall LevelPercentCapStorage Amount needed for Cap

There's a Loot Multiplier Penalty that is applied on the maximum amount of Dark Elixir that can be looted during a match! The Loot Multiplier Penalty is determined on the difference between your Town Hall Level versus your Opponent Town Hall Level!

Town Hall Level DifferencePercent of Loot Available
+0 and More100%
-4 and Less5%