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In Clash of Clans the Builder's Hut is the building that unlock Builder's! Builder's are used to build any building for your City at the cost of your resources! All building have a different time laps in order to construct the building! There's a possibility to build 5x Builder's Hut, so having 5 Builders to construct 5 different building at once!

Builder's Hut
Hitpoints: 250
Elixir is pumped from Ley Lines coursing underneath your village. Upgrade your Elixir Collectors to maximize elixir production.

Builder's Hut Information

- Builder are required to construct: Buildings, Walls, Heroes and remove Obstacles.
- Builder are NOT required to place: Decorations and Traps. (but upgrading Traps require a Builder)
- Maximum Builder's Hut available is 5
- Builder's Hut Size: 2x2

Builder's Hut Cost

Builder's HutGem Cost
2 250
3 500
4 1000
5 2000
Total Gems 3750
Note: The 2nd Builder's Hut is part of the Tutorial, Supercell already give us 250 Gems to do this task! So it require 3500 Gems for the 3 others Builder's Hut!