Clash of Clans - Building - Defense - Cannon

In Clash of Clans the Cannon is one of the Defense building! Cannon target only Ground Troops. It have a Range of 9 Tiles and attack 1 Troop by each Cannon launch! It require the Resource Gold to Build and Upgrade!

Cannon are available at the beginning of the game and we are required to build 1 during the Tutorial!

Damage per second: 9
Hitpoints: 420
Cannons are great for point defense. Upgrade cannons to increase their firepower, but beware that your defensive turrets cannot shoot while being upgraded!

Cannon Information

- Cannon require Golds to Build or Upgrade.
- Cannon target Ground Troops.
- Cannon have a Range of 9 Tiles.
- Cannon attack Single Target.
- Cannon Maximum Level is 18!
- Maximum Cannon available is 7.
- Cannon Size: 3x3

Cannon Gear Up

- Gear Up Cost: 1,500,000
- Gear Up Time: 2 Days
- Home Village Cannon Level Required: 7
- Double Cannon Level Required: 4

Cannon Cost

Cannon LevelGold CostBuilder TimeExpy GainDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsTown Hall Level Require
1 25010S397.24201
2 1,00015M30118.84701
3 4,00045M5115125202
4 16,0001H601915.25703
5 50,0004H12025206204
6 100,0008H1693124.86705
7 200,0008H16940327306
8 400,00012H2074838.48007
9 800,00012H2075644.88808
10 1,000,0001D2936451.29608
11 2,000,0001D 12H3607459.21,0609
12 3,000,0002D4158769.61,16010
13 4,000,0003D509100801,26010
14 5,500,0005D657110881,38011
15 7,000,0006D72011894.41,50011
16 10,000,0009D8811251001,62012
17 12,000,00012D1,018132105.61,74012
18 14,000,00015D1,138139111.21,86013

RangeDamage TypeTargetsFavorite TargetAttack Speed
9Single TargetGroundAny0.8 Second