Clash of Clans - Building - Defense - Bomb Tower

In Clash of Clans the Bomb Tower is one of the Defense building! Bomb Tower target only Ground Troops. It have a Range of 6 Tiles and attack Single Troop by each Bomb launch but have a Area Splash that can hits multiple troops around the main impact! It require the Resource Gold to Build and Upgrade!

Bomb Tower are available at the Town Hall Level 8!

Bomb Tower
Damage per second: 24
Hitpoints: 650
Bomb Towers bombard nearby ground troops and go up in a big BOOM when destroyed! Melee units best stand clear!

Bomb Tower Information

- Bomb Tower require Golds to Build or Upgrade.
- Bomb Tower target Ground Troops.
- Bomb Tower have a Range of 6 Tiles.
- Bomb Tower attack Single Target but have Area Splash..
- Bomb Tower Maximum Level is 7!
- Maximum Bomb Tower available is 2.
- Bomb Tower Size: 3x3

Bomb Tower Cost

Bomb Tower LevelGold CostBuilder TimeExpy GainDamage per SecondDamage per ShotDamage when DestroyedHitpointsTown Hall Level Require
1 1,500,0001D2932426.41506508
2 2,000,0002D4152830.81807008
3 3,500,0003D5093235.22207509
4 5,000,0006D720404426085010
5 7,000,0008D8314648.43001,00011
6 9,000,00010D9295252.83401,20011
7 11,000,00014D1,09960663801,40012

RangeDamage TypeTargetsFavorite TargetAttack Speed
6Area Splash 1.5 TilesGroundAny1.1 Seconds