Clash of Clans - Building - Builder Base - Defense - Hidden Tesla

In Clash of Clans, Builder Base, the Hidden Tesla is one of the Defense building! Hidden Tesla target Ground & Air Troops. It have a Range of 7 Tiles and attack 1 Troop by each Lightning launch! It require the Resource Gold to Build and Upgrade!

Hidden Tesla are available at the Builder Hall Level 3!

Hidden Tesla when defending your City are all Hidden, similar to Push Trap or Mine, it appears when ground or air troops get close to it or when 51% of the base is destroyed!

Hidden Tesla
Damage per second: 41
Hitpoints: 300
Part tower, part trap, completely shocking! Zap air and ground foes alike with the power of science!

Hidden Tesla Information

- Hidden Tesla require Golds to Build or Upgrade.
- Hidden Tesla target Ground & Air Troops.
- Hidden Tesla have a Range of 7 Tiles.
- Hidden Tesla attack Single Target.
- Hidden Tesla Maximum Level is 9!
- Maximum Hidden Tesla available is 3.
- Hidden Tesla Size: 2x2

Hidden Tesla Cost

Hidden Tesla LevelGold CostBuilder TimeExpy GainDamage per SecondDamage per ShotHitpointsBuilder Hall Level Require
1 50,00030M4241253003
2 100,0003H10346283453
3 150,0005H13451313973
4 280,00010H18956344574
5 700,0001D29361375265
6 1,300,0001D29368416056
7 2,100,0002D41575456967
8 3,100,0003D50983508008
9 4,100,0004D58791558409

RangeDamage TypeTargetsFavorite TargetAttack Speed
7Single TargetGround & AirAny0.6 Second